About Wolf Tooth Components

They are a group of hardcore cyclists that found themselves spending a lot of time talking about bike components.  Like most racers they were always looking for new products that could make there bikes lighter, faster, or more reliable.  Since they all come from engineering and manufacturing backgrounds their conversations often focused on how they could make the products on the market today even better.  The company was founded to design and manufacture precision cycling products that emphasize function, performance, and reliability to meet the needs of fellow racers and riders.


They are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Despite the frigidly cold winters and relatively flat terrain, Minneapolis has earned a reputation of being one of the top cycling cities in the US.  In recent years Minnesota has become a hotbed for the emerging snow bike scene with several groomed singletrack trails and an endless network of snowmobile trails that spread across most of the state.


They work exclusively with local manufacturers in Minnesota.  This allows them to interact face to face with the people that manufacture the parts and closely monitor every step of the process so they can maintain the highest level of quality.  All of our products are 100% designed and made in the USA.


They pride themselves on delivering a high quality product and providing very responsive customer service.  If you have questions about any of their products please contact us at info@cc-bikeparts.com

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